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Walkthrough & VR AR.

In today's immediate world a video’s worth is a thousand images

360 Tours and interactive walkthroughs

Marketing, construction evolution and forensic repository

This mode of representation proves to be very explanatory and interactive. It is based on 360 or spheric photography that is rendered in a spheric projection this creates the sense of being inside the picture, called a scene.

Additionally, we can add links within the scenes to other scenes

we can offer a spatial capability of creating a PIV URL a.k. a project interactive visualizer where multitude of different data blocks can be displayed such about us, project team, ...

this technology also allows for interactive stagging scenes, partialerm useful for combining and overlaying different time snapshots of the same point of view

360 design options

using the same technique as the 360 Tours, we can superPone design options to easily compare by switching between scenes.

this is Great to compare finishes and lighting and spatial design options


We can produce photorealistic reading for both interiors or exteriors. the level of photo realism is up -to -you: assets and entourage can be while generic realistic or even real products coordinate into the project specs.

3D rendering

3D Axonometrics

A great way to visualize any complex building, perfect to show the internal complexities of the lay out or even to explain assemblies or construction details

Staging diagrams

Our team can help builders and developers visualize construction phases using real equipment such as trucks, cranes and amenities blocks... to understand construction logistics and space requirements.

The output can be either a motion video render or a series of slideshows. In both formats annotation and graphics can be added to further explain timelines, construction notes.


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