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We differentiate design from documentation as two different aspects to any construction project.

Documenting is coordinating design, programme and other disciplines such as structures, civil, mechanical electrical or plumbing into sets of plans, reports and schedules.

We will deliver in the appropriate LOD that is relevant to the stage: from LOD 100 for schematic design and feasibility in the initial phases; to greater detail at 300 or even 350 LOD for construction documentation stages.

We have developed over the last ten years our proprietary production methodology called APS, specialized in architecture, however, if required, we can work within your house rules, adopting to your standards, graphic styles, layers, families, nomenclatures for both CAD or BIM.


Lod 300

Reproduction of documentation that reflects a particular stage of the site. It is based on surveys and site investigation.

Most common cases are the creation on BIM documentation for an existing building or structure prior to commence design work; and document “as built” project reflecting the actual materiality of a built project, demonstrating deviations from the proposed project documentation.

Concept and Design Development documentation

Lod 100

Representation of design intent plans from diagrammatic LOD, for example for massing and feasibility studies to

Scales of I:100 representing layouts, program and distributions

Existing conditions and As Built

Building Approvals

LOD 200 -250

Specific Documentation to demonstrate compliance with planning regulations and building codes

These set of documents may contain a part for more conventional architectural plans, diagrammatic drawings to demonstrate compliance such as shadow diagrams concept I drainage maximon envelops...

Construction Documentation and detailing

LOD 300-350

During tendering, procurement and construction stages we can help with the documentation of projects, at the appropriate level of detail and site certainty.

Tender docs

Documentation specific for peicing focusing on quantification and typification rather than attending to specific details

Construction docs

Documentation issued for construction, delivered progressively as site evolves, incorporating changes on scope, site conditions and value engineering

Construction Support

We can help builders and developers provide documentation for very specific scope, detailed solutions, coordination of specific products, stagging diagrams...


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