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BIM, or building information modelling is becoming the norm in the AEC industry.

Information is no longer only drawn in ID or 3D but modelled embedding parameters that provide data about subcomponents, price, R-values, U-valves, usase, proact informatich installation and maintenance data and any custom parameter.

It your weeds are still in2D and 3D CAD, we can also help, although we always recommend to convert existing projects to Bim, which ROI can be realized as soon as a couple of weeks


We can become your bim manager, issuing a BMP or BIM Management plan which is the distributea all among consultants and stakeholders to ensure internal compliance and consistency when generating information. We will be accountable for the severatin and maintenance of the central model.


Modeling and Drafting

We refer to model when generating a 3D object know as “Model”whican be either in CAD (containing only geometric data) or BIM ( containing additional parameters and constructiin inteligence)

The term Drafting is used when workong with drawings, reports and schedukes. Again, this can be generated from CAD or BIM softwares 2ith their inherit pros and cons.

We can help you with either modelling and drafting and also y both environments BIM or CAD, the choice is yours.




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